S H E E P S H A V E R    f o r    O C L P

  • SheepShaver for Macs running OCLP (OpenCore Legacy Patcher)


    This is a build of the SheepShaver emulator, built without the JIT compiler that causes crashes on some Intel Macs using the OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OCLP).

    Many thanks to kanjitalk755 for proposing the fix, and emendelson for building the binary.

  • Why is this necessary?

    Brittle, hard-coded memory addressing in the JIT compiler.

    See more on the E-maculation Forums.

  • Notes:

    Be sure to disable JIT in your Sheepshaver preference files, or the non-JIT build will crash looking for nonexistent JIT code.

    Current SheepShaver builds for most machines are available at Emaculation.com

    The kanjitalk755 fork of SheepShaver and BasiliskII (68K Mac emulator) lives at kanjitalk755's Github repository.

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